Alpha Synuclein PFF

Alpha Synuclein PFF

Alpha-synuclein is a recent discovery. The protein became apparent after identification as the main amyloid structure, which had a significant impact on Alzheimer’s disease. Further studies established that the protein also had a considerable role in Parkinson’s disease. Observation indicates that alpha-synuclein fills up inclusions in Levy bodies, known as intracytoplasmic spaces. These bodies contribute to the etiology of Parkinson’s illness.

Further scientific research reveals that this protein forms a bridge between Alzheimers and Parkinson’s with the dominant mutation of the cells. It is conclusive that the protein is the dominant underlying structure responsible for both illnesses. The dysfunction of the diseases could be investigated further by investigating the physiological function of the protein. 

Expression of alpha-synuclein PFF

This protein has a predominant expression in the brain. Scientists observe its concentration in the presynaptic terminals of the nerve. It has a dominant presence in the mitochondria of the following structures:

  • Thalamus
  • Hippocampus
  • Olfactory bulb
  • Striatum
  • Tubulin 

Functions of alpha-synuclein

  • Alpha-synuclein works as a potential microtubule protein
  • It is essential for the healthy development of the brain’ cognitive functions, where it supports proper memory formation and spatial learning
  • Trigger the misfolding of naturally occurring proteins
  • Forms the pre-cursor of the assembly of monomers and helps in the final disassembly – This function can only happen after proper preparation and handling of the protein 

Properties of alpha-synuclein

  • It needs a storage buffer of PBS ph 7.4
  • The ideal storage temperature is -80 Celcius
  • It is necessary to ship the package within dry ice
  • The proper purification process involves an ion-exchange process
  • Another specificity is that the protein has 14.46kDa 

Selecting the right species

The chosen protein can affect the rate of progression and level of pathology. This case is because it is essential to get the correct homology between the species and the host. PFFs are convenient for creating the right template, than alpha-synuclein monomers. Similarly, the monomers are better at certain aspects that other forms. 

The importance of observing the interaction between the host and the PFF was evident after confirmation of the higher levels of staining in vitro cultures. This case was apparent after a study of incubation by a mouse aSyn PFFs. 

Highlights of alpha-synuclein PFF

  • An increase in the volume of the protein cause an equivalent increase in the strength of the neurodegeneration of nigrostriatal
  • A reduction of tyrosine hydroxylase neurons was apparent after every six months after injection
  • The loss of the hydroxylase immunoreactive neuron occurred before the loss of the contralateral
  • Injection on preformed fibrils did not affect degeneration, unlike the injection of unilateral 

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Alpha Synuclein PFF
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