Tau Fibrils

Tau Fibrils

Extensive research on neurodegenerative diseases has involved studies on the relationship between brain ailments and cardiovascular disease, and they show there is a significant connection between the two. There’s proof that tau fibrils responsible for cell nerve death have a role in cancer and cardiovascular disease. By providing products necessary for disease research, StressMarq Biosciences Inc. hopes that researchers will be able to make discoveries required to cure or treat some of these debilitating ailments.

Is There a Link Between Cardiovascular Disease and Neurodegenerative Conditions?

Some studies have shown that similar genetic factors may be giving rise to both Alzheimer’s disease and high levels of blood lipids, a major feature of heart disease. According to research, genetic defects that affect the processing of lipids in the body may be influencing both diseases.

Other studies also show a correlation between a healthy cardiovascular system and a healthy brain. Subjects with signs of atherosclerosis were found to be more likely to have plaques in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s. Hypertension has been linked to the formation of protein tangles in brain tissue, the presence of amyloid-beta deposits, and problems in thinking and memory. More directly, there is evidence that high blood pressure takes an active role in hyperphosphorylation of the tau protein, which causes toxicity in neurons and leads to degeneration.

Neurodegeneration and Cancer

Various studies have indicated that cancer and progressive diseases of the brain share several similar risk factors. These include DNA damage, oxidative stress, and inflammation. Genes such as PARK2 and ATM have also been found to increase the risk for both ailments.

What’s the Role of Tau Proteins in Cancer?

Tau proteins are better known for forming tangles in brain microtubules and eventually leading to dysfunctional neurons. These proteins, which are mostly associated with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, have also been shown to have an impact on cancer. Research has revealed that the same mutations of tau that bring about neurodegeneration also increase the risk of cancer.

After abnormal phosphorylation of tau, its inability to continue with microtubule-binding leads to cytoskeleton disruption. This eventually results in chromosome missegregation and aneuploidy in cancer. Usually, when chromosomes segregate, two identical chromatids separate and migrate to opposing poles of a nucleus. With missegregation, the chromatids are unable to separate, causing an abnormal number of chromosomes. This is what is referred to as aneuploidy. It is one of the genetic alterations that highly contributes to cancer. Generally, it has been observed that test subjects with tau mutation are three times more likely to develop cancer than those with normally functioning neural proteins.

Simplify Your Research

StressMarq Biosciences Inc. makes it easier for researchers to study a myriad of neurodegenerative, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. We do this by availing proteins such as tau fibrils, antibody conjugates like biotin, and small molecules such as baicalein. With our extensive inventory, you’re likely to find everything you need for your projects. If you have queries or questions concerning our products, contact us today on +1 250 294-9065.

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