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What to Consider Before You Buy Antibodies Online

Purchasing an antibody can be a stressful experience for many, as there are hundreds of antibody suppliers and distributors all selling seemingly similar products. Knowing which companies to trust is difficult.

When purchasing products, most people trust big name companies to provide the best service and quality. In the bioreagents market, however, you should consider the size of the company carefully.

Large companies that supply tens of thousands of products are likely not the original manufacturer of those antibodies. They buy antibodies from smaller companies, remove the original label, and re-sell it under their own brand.

Why should that matter to you? Here are a couple of reasons:

1. Quality of Products

Original manufacturers tend to be highly-skilled producers of the products they choose to sell.

They complete rigorous quality control tests and validation studies in-house before the product hits the shelf. This ensures that the product is of the highest quality before you decide to purchase it and enables companies to continually expand the data available on the product as more validation studies are performed.

This makes it easier for you to pick an antibody that has been tested for use in your specific species, tissue type, and application. Large re-sellers do not perform validation on the antibodies they purchase, and information is often not updated quickly from the original manufacturer, so customers are left with antibodies that have not been highly validated.

At StressMarq our scientists are working daily to test our antibodies in various applications and tissues, and we are continually updating our product datasheets with new information to keep you in the know!

Adding to the potential hazards of buying from a large company, the more a particular antibody travels around between companies, the greater likelihood that it could have been exposed to excessive temperatures or incorrect handling. This could result in the antibody you purchased not performing as expected. You could end-up wasting hours of your time having to test the antibody, only to find out you need to waste more time obtaining a replacement vial or a refund. Not to mention the potential loss of your samples!

At StressMarq we manufacture our own products, so the product you order is shipped to you directly from us, with all care taken to ensure it arrives fast, cold, and in good condition.

2. Affordable Pricing

Every time a product passes hands there is a markup to account for the shipping costs between the companies.

This cost always gets passed to you the customer by increasing the overall cost of the item you are purchasing. Sometimes this markup is hidden as many companies split a large vial into many smaller sizes, then leave the price similar to that of their competitors. Always compare the per ug or ul price between companies. You will really see a difference.

At StressMarq, because we are the original manufacturer of the product, you are paying only for the cost of the antibody you are buying, with no extra mark-ups added due to the costs of re-selling. Compare our per ug or ul price with our competitors, and you will see that our antibodies are among the lowest priced in the industry.

Many companies will also sneak in high shipping and handling costs. This can drastically change your per ug price. Always ask for a complete quote ahead-of-time, including all shipping and handling, and taxes. If a company cannot provide you with a comprehensive quote, you should consider another supplier.

At StressMarq we are more than happy to send you a quote that includes our $15 handling fee, FedEx Shipping charges to your specific destination, with no surprises after purchase. Guaranteed!

As the original manufacturer we also offer bulk pricing or custom formulations such as antibodies made without glycerol or sodium azide in the buffer solution. If you would like to receive a quote for a bulk quantity just click on the bulk quote request link under the “add to cart” button on any product page. Simply fill out the form and submit it to us and we will respond right away. You can also email your request to us at [email protected]

3. Accessibility & Service

Ever need an antibody right away, but you are told the product is on backorder?

This happens often with large re-sellers who do not want to keep stock on hand from the original manufacturer. They continually list this delay so they have time to order it in from the manufacturer and then relay it to you.

StressMarq keeps a large quantity of all of our products in stock to ensure that when you need an antibody, it can be in your hands within 24 hours. We also continually manufacture new batches of our antibodies to guarantee that your antibody is always in stock.

When you run into a problem with a product you have to make that dreaded email or call to the customer service department. At a large company it can take days for them to get back to you because your question is passed around, usually back to the original manufacturer, then the answer is relayed back to you. This email chain slows down everything and results in a long delay on your end.

At a smaller company there is often no automated answering service for the phone. You will speak to a real person right away and they can answer your question or get you a replacement on the spot. This allows you to get back to more important things, like your research!

At StressMarq you can reach our technical support directly by phone (, email, Twitter, or Facebook, and one of our lovely staff will answer your question as fast as possible.

Original manufacturers produce all of the products they sell, therefore the person who produced the antibody and the knowledge surrounding that process are held within that company. These companies also complete all product validation in-house, so they will know the full history of quality control data, which is often not passed downstream to those large re-sellers. Therefore when you have a question, a small company can provide you with the full data available on your particular antibody.

If you are ever in need of technical support, the scientists at StressMarq would be pleased to share with you all the data we have collected for the particular antibody in question.

Why StressMarq

StressMarq is a leading manufacturer of antibodies and various other bioreagents. We pride ourselves on developing top quality products for your scientific needs. Our antibodies go through rigorous quality control to ensure that the products we provide always work as described.

We want you to have confidence in the supplier you choose to purchase your antibodies from. If your purchase does not meet the specific requirements set forth within the lot specific technical data sheets, we are more than willing to replace the product free of charge or issue a credit or refund for the full purchase price.

Check-out our full antibody product line or search for your specific target above.

Still not sure whether you should order a full size vial?

We offer an antibody trial program where we will provide you with a 12ug vial of any antibody free of charge. Just pay for shipping to your destination (approx. $40-50 USD), and you are on your way. Please visit our antibody trial page for more information or email us at [email protected]

Remember, bigger is not always better!