Hsp70 Inhibitor

Catalog No. SIH-121

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CAS No. 409086-68-6
Molecular Forumla C20H20ClN3OS2

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Product Name YM-01

Hsp70 Inhibitor

Purity >98% (HPLC)
CAS No. 409086-68-6
Molecular Formula C20H20ClN3OS2
Molecular Weight 417.97


Storage Temperature -20ºC
Shipping Temperature Shipped Ambient
Product Type Inhibitor
Solubility Soluble in warm water (2 mg/ml)
Source Synthetic
Appearance Orange red solid
Safety Phrases Classification: Caution: Substance not yet fully tested.
Safety Phrases:
S22 - Do not breathe dust
S24/25 - Avoid contact with skin and eyes
S36/37/39 - Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection
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Biological Description

Alternative Names 2-((Z)-((E)-3-ethyl-5-(3-methylbenzo[d]thiazol-2(3H)-ylidene)-4-oxothiazolidin-2-ylidene)methyl)-1-methylpyridin-1-ium chloride; YM-1
Research Areas Cancer, Heat Shock
Scientific Background YM-01 is an allosteric Hsp70 inhibitor. It binds with in Hsp70's nucleotide binding domain, adjacent to ATP/ADP binding pocket. It inhibits J-stimulated ATP turnover rate. It blocks Hsc70-bag1 interaction both in vitro and in vivo and enhances binding of Hsp70 to misfolded proteins. It reduces tau levels in tau-overexpressed HeLa cells, endogenous tau in neuroblastoma cells, and endogenous tau in primary neuron from rTg4510 mice, with EC50's of low micromolar. It recovers long-term potentiation deficits in brain slices from rTg4510 mice. It also has anti-cancer activity, with an EC50 value of low micromolar against several cancer cell lines. It destabilizes oncoproteins in cells, including Akt and Raf-1. Looking for more information on HSP70? Visit our new HSP70 Scientific Resource Guide at http://www.HSP70.com.
References 1. Wang et al., 2013 Nature Chem. Biol. 9: 112-118.
2. Abisambra et al., 2013 Biol. Psychiatry, 74: 367-374.
3. Koren et al. PLoS One 7:e35566.
4. Morishima et al. 2011 Biochemistry. 50: 7146.
5. Davis et al. 2012 J. Immunol. 189: 4488.

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Chemical structure of YM-01 (SIH-121), a Hsp70 Inhibitor. CAS #: 409086-68-6. Molecular Formula: C20H20ClN3OS2. Molecular Weight: 417.97 g/mol.

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